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AboutBeacon Collective

It’s no surprise that buying or selling a home can be emotional, intense, exhilarating, scary, daunting, you name it.

Beacon | noun

bea·con ˈbē-kən

1 a a lighthouse or other signal for guidance
b a radio transmitter emitting signals to guide aircraft

A beacon is something that ‘guides’. Think of the Beacon Collective as your real estate guide. When you go to buy or sell a home, whether you are buying a starter home for you and your family, or you are selling a home that has been exactly that, your home for the past 50+ years, we fulfill this role to the highest degree.

Working with people to buy and sell property is not a science, nor is it a repeatable, mundane operation. Each and every transaction is unique – shaped by different people, their thoughts, motivations, perspective, etc, the state of the market as it currently is, and the actions, decisions and communication between all parties involved in that transaction, etc. Guess what? Real estate is unpredictable, which causes this vast array of emotions.

The Beacon Collective is composed of real estate experts. Real estate connoisseurs. Real estate fanatics.

Real people. Real people who care about you. Real people you can trust to guide you through one of life’s most stress-inducing and emotional occurrences.

We are Beacon Collective. We are here to guide you.

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