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CAFFEINATED & HOME BUYER EDUCATED and First Time Buyer Workshops  

Stop Paying Your Landlord’s Mortgage!

With rental prices skyrocketing, now is THE time to buy. That being said, the market is competitive and it takes a true professional to help you navigate the processnegotiate on your behalf and get your in the home of your DREAMS! That is why you need to check out this FREE first-time buyer virtual workshop.

What First Time Homebuyers Need to Know

Caffeinated and Home Buyer Educated aims to address all of these commonly asked first-time buyer questions and more (while enjoying a warm cup of Joe of course). The purpose of the workshop is to provide free education and alleviate any stressors to those who are considering a home purchase in the future, whether that be in the next few months or years down the road. Emily Kaczmarek of Compass and Bill Pendley of Caliber Home Loans will lead the monthly workshop and hit on all the essentials of home buying. They will cover:
  • Steps to buying a home
  • Renting vs. Buying / Benefits of home ownership
  • How to navigate today’s market and WIN in competitive offer situations
  • What loan options are out there? Which is best for me?
  • Common home buying myths
  • How to get started and assemble a team of professionals to guide you through the transaction

Register to secure your spot. All welcome!

Super informative and insightful! -January 2021 Workshop Attendee
Great info for first time buyers, right amount of depth [of material] and would certainly be interested in more detailed presentations! -November 2020 Workshop Attendee
Broke things down into layman’s terms. Made it easy to understand/follow. -January 2021 Workshop Attendee

These buyers started with the workshop and are now happy homeowners!

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